Environmental Credentials

At every stage, from manufacture to disposal, EPS fish boxes offers outstanding environmental credentials. In fact the impacts of using EPS in critical fish box applications far outweigh the impacts and risks of food damage and wastage which would otherwise occur – for example when more energy might be needed for cooling less thermally-efficient packs.

The styrene base for EPS is itself a by-product of oil refining but it’s reassuring to know that styrene also occurs throughout the natural world – in strawberries, coffee beans, wine and beer. The styrene is blown into expanded polystyrene using a non-CFC gas called pentane which is quickly broken down during production into carbon dioxide and water. Pentane has low volatility and is found in the digestive systems of animals and created when vegetable matter decomposes in a process called anaerobic composting.

Independent LCA studies confirm that no other materials offer better environmental credentials than EPS.

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