Tough, Strong
Solid Reliability…

Impact Protection

EPS fish boxes are the global market leader in insulated packaging for seafood and associated products in spite of a number of attempts at replicating the performance of EPS using alternative materials. In fact, market share continues to increase as a direct result of the excellent isothermal properties of EPS. It also offers exceptional stacking strength and stackability helping overcome problems with collapsed pallets and spoilt goods.

In addition to the thermal protection afforded by EPS, a major advantage is the exceptional impact resistance which derives from the unique cellular matrix of the EPS ‘foam’ – effectively 98% air bonded by 2% polymer structure. The result is an exceptional impact resistance which is not only capable of protecting foodstuffs from damage but also offers outstanding strength and stability not just in packaging applications but also in building and construction where it is used, for example even at the core of major civil engineering projects such as railway embankments. No other fish box material comes near to EPS when it comes to impact resistance.

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