Anape is the national association for EPS producers in Spain. The total tonnage of fishboxes produced for the country’s fish and seafood industry is around 13,000 tonnes.

There is a national recycling scheme within which Anape is are working on developing the EPS Waste Managers Map. The association is identifying all the EPS waste managers in each region of the country. The objective is that Anape operates as the information resource of EPS recycling options for the stakeholders.

The ECO EPS Centers are companies that specialise in expanded polystyrene recycling which, in general, begin with material transformation companies because one of the recycling options for recovered materials is to reuse it in the EPS manufacturing processes. These centers are constituted in accordance with current legislation for environmental matters, waste management and food packaging. In addition to their roles as recycling companies, they provide waste storage and transport services at the locations where they originate and are concentrated.

Currently Anape is developing a positive communication campaign aimed at the main supermarket chains and public administrations about the management and options to recycle EPS waste.

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